Simply PROTÉINE FIBRÉE with Simply Inulin Flavor-Free 750 Gram (1.65 Lb)



ONLY 2 Ingredients Pure  Organic Faba (Broad Bean)  & Pure Simply Inulin FIBER from Jerusalem Artichoke Root - FLAVOR-FREE

SImply Protéine Fibrée Faba Protein is a natural native protein with a uniquely high protein content of 65%. This ingredient offers an excellent amino acid profile, similar to pea protein. The higher protein content compared to pea protein can make it an easier fit in formulations or when replacing soy protein. Faba protein is a clean label ingredient (EU) and removes allergenicity and sustainability issues as well as concerns about GMO that you may have when using soy ingredients. This protein has a light greyish colour. To augment the FIBER content, we have added 40% pure Simply Inulin Prebiotic Fiber to the formula, rendering this VEGAN protein powder the Highest Fiber containing protein powder on the market. While it doesnt contain nuts it has a pleasant and delicious nutty hint to it (unlike pea protein that has a startchy vegetable taste). The best way to describe the texture and taste is "creamy and smooth to the palate". 

* Never use Protein Powder shakes or smoothies as Meal Replacements

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